ASR blogs and newsletters

If you are interested in subscribing to an ASR newsletter, email your request to the Communications team at

The Ledger »

The Ledger is the blog companion to the ASR newsletter, The Record. Read the Ledger for: 

  • Important dates for all ASR
  • FERPA questions and answers
  • Updates on University policy

System Campus Update blog » 

The System Campus Update blog is fed by the newsletter of the same name, shared and produced by all University system campuses. On the blog you'll find: 

  • Staffing updates
  • Key events happening on system campuses
  • Project news

Office of Classroom Management blog »

Find information on: 

  • Software updates for class and space scheduling
  • News and updates for class scheduling
  • Tips and tricks for schedulers 

Scheduling Update»

The Scheduling Update is sent every first and third Thursday of the month). Find information on

  • Classroom scheduling
  • Room assignments
  • Classroom renovations 

Training Update blog »

The Training Update blog is a companion to the newsletter sent on behalf of the ASR Training & Support Team. Visit the blog to find:

  • Upcoming training sessions
  • Tips and tricks for software and applications
  • Updates and changes to software and applications