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Student Records Training

Student Records Training

FERPA Tutorial computer 

The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize faculty and staff with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and to understand the importance of protecting a student’s educational record. 

SR110T Student Data Inquiry  computer

This is an introductory online training for all PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system (student records) users, and is a prerequisite to additional access in Student Records. Completion of this training grants users view-only access to Student Records pages as well as some Admissions and Student Financials pages. Staff will understand/be able to: how PeopleSoft is organized; navigate within PeopleSoft; FERPA; and basic student record processes.
(prerequisite for PeopleSoft access)

SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic  computer  Prerequisite

This training builds on the information provided in the Student Data Inquiry course. Staff will learn the fundamentals of updating student records in PeopleSoft. This training prepares staff to update: service indicators; term activation; student groups; and student advisors.
Prerequisite: SR110T Student Data Inquiry

SR525C Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS)  In-person  Prerequisite 

This training provides an overview of CCS scheduling processes, including adding, changing and canceling class and section data. The use of combined sections, waitlists, reserve capacities, and class permissions are also discussed.
Prerequisite: SR110T Student Data Inquiry

Reporting Center Training for Student Systems Users  computer  Prerequisite 

This short training course is required of users who wish to gain access to the Reporting Center. Note: If users have access to PeopleSoft and have already completed Student Data Inquiry training, this training & role is not necessary.
Prerequisite: SR110T Student Data Inquiry

Student Data Update add-on trainings  computer  Prerequisite  

Prerequisites for all SDU Update add-on trainings: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic

SR231T SDU - Academic Standing (for access to this training, contact

SR232T SDU - Class Permissions

SR233T SDU - Credit Exemptions

SR234T SDU - Degree Clearance

SR235T SDU - Enrollment Appointments

SR236T SDU - Manage Committees

SR237T SDU - Milestones

SR238T SDU - Waitlists


Advanced Student Records Training


Scheduled training classes

SR220C Program/Plan Process  In-person  Prerequisite 

This class is designed for those staff who update majors and minors on student records, through the Program/Plan pages in PeopleSoft.  Staff will work through various scenarios dealing with changes such as major/minor change, leave of absence, suspension, and other discontinuations.
Prerequisites: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic

SR310C Registration  In-person  Prerequisite 

This class covers the needed steps to enroll a student via the Enrollment Request page, as well as various options and overrides.
Prerequisites: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic


Training scheduled by request

SR320IT - Block Enrollment  In-person  Prerequisite 

This class allows staff to enroll multiple students in multiple classes via batch processing. In order to receive training, staff person should have a minimum of three students who are to be registered for an upcoming term.
Prerequisites: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic and SR310C Registration

SR610R - Quick Admit  In-person  Prerequisite 

Quick Admit training introduces staff to using the Quick Admit process to add a student to PeopleSoft.  This training is typically only for limited staff, including those in the Learning Abroad Center or College of Continuing Education.
Prerequisites: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic 

SR620IT - Admissions  In-person  Prerequisite 

Admissions training introduces staff to using the Student Admissions process in PeopleSoft to admit and matriculate a student into a program. This training is typically only for limited staff, incluidng those in professional programs.
Prerequisites: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic


Education Abroad Training

SR710IT - Education Abroad Inquiry  In-person  Prerequisite 

This class is intended for all staff who have need view-only access to the UM Education Abroad pages.
Prerequisite: SR110T Student Data Inquiry

SR720IT - Education Abroad Update  In-person  Prerequisite 

This class is intended for all staff who have need to view and update the UM Education Abroad pages.
Prerequisites: SR110T Student Data Inquiry and SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic 

Astra Training

Astra Training


Astra Schedule Events  In-person 

This training provides instruction for scheduling non-credit-bearing activities into rooms using Astra Schedule software.

SR540C Astra Academics for Collaborative Class Scheduling  In-person  Prerequisite 

This training is for staff who will schedule academic classes into departmentally-owned space.  It is recommended that staff attend SR525C Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) training prior to attending this training. For the convenience of staff who need both trainings, CCS and Astra Academics sessions are typically scheduled back-to-back.
Recommended prerequisite: SR525C Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS)

ECAS and PCAS Training

ECAS and PCAS Training


SR510R - Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS)  computer 

This self-directed training is required for those who need to update courses in ECAS. 

SR530IT - Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS)  In-person 

This training is required for those who need to update major, minor, and certifcate programs in PCAS. 

PCAS training

PCAS training

PCAS information.

APAS Training

APAS Training


APAS Exceptions Training  computer  

In this course, you will learn how to grant exceptions in the Academic Progress Audit System (APAS).

For more information about APAS training, contact

GPAS Resources

GPAS Resources

Training is not required for GPAS access. Please refer to the following resources for assistance:

For questions about GPAS, contact

Student Financials

Student Financials

SF2306A SF Bus Process/Posting 1 In-person  Prerequisite  

This course will acquaint users with PeopleSoft Student Financials posting process along with an overview of Student Financials business processes. 
Prerequisite: SR110T Student Data Inquiry

SF23331A SF Third Party 1 In-person  Prerequisite 

This course will show users how to create a third party contract, and assign students to a contract.
Prerequisite: SR110T Student Data Inquiry

Trainings are scheduled upon request. Contact to arrange.

Scholarship Automation

Scholarship Automation

For more information about scholarship automation training, contact, or read about Scholarship automation access.


Training for Student Workers

Training for Student Workers

Student workers who need view-only or basic update access to PeopleSoft Student Administration pages will be required to complete the online training courses available through the University of Minnesota’s Learning Management System. These courses may be launched by the student worker at their convenience and should each take about an hour to complete. Student workers who require additional access (for example, Program/Plan and/or Registration) will be granted the access with the understanding that their supervisor will provide the needed training and be responsible for all work completed by the student worker.

For any access to be established, an Access Request Form (ARF) and the appropriate ARF attachment must be submitted.

Learn more about the complete Student Worker Access Policy.


computer training is offered online

In-person training is offered in-person

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