Student Worker PeopleSoft CS Access Policy

Student Worker PeopleSoft CS Access Policy


Student workers who need view-only or basic update access to PeopleSoft Student Administration pages will be required to complete the online training courses available through the University of Minnesota’s Learning Management System.  These courses may be launched by the student worker at their convenience and should each take about an hour to complete.  Student workers who require additional access (for example, Program/Plan and/or Registration) will be granted the access with the understanding that their supervisor will provide the needed training and be responsible for all work completed by the student worker.   For any access to be established, an Access Request Form/ARF, and the appropriate ARF attachment, must be submitted and processed by Provisioning and Requests/PAR.

Process Details

  1. Student Workers who require view-only access to PeopleSoft are required to complete the Student Data Inquiry (SDI) online training course available in the Learning Management System. Upon completion of the training course, the Access Request Form (ARF) is to be submitted (see #9 below). Upon approval of the ARF, student workers will be provided with view-only access in PeopleSoft and Duo access. Please see note on Duo access below.
  2. Student Workers who require update access (to pages such as service indicators and student groups) are required to complete the Student Data Update (SDU) /Add-ons online training course also available in the Learning Management System. Upon completion of the training course, the Access Request Form/ARF is to be submitted. Upon approval of the ARF, student workers will be provided with requested access.  Note: Student Data Inquiry access is a pre-requisite for this access.
  3. Student Workers who require additional access to PeopleSoft ( for example, Registration, Program/Plan) will need to follow the following procedure:
    1. The ARF and Student PeopleSoft attachment are filled out and the appropriate access box(es) checked; ARF is submitted.
    2. PAR/Provisioning and Requests will route the ARF to the following individuals: (simultaneously)
      1. Student Worker
      2. Student Worker’s Supervisor, who will authorize as the person who will do the training and supervise the student worker accessing PeopleSoft.
      3. Key Contact
      4. ASR Training Team: will update the training record for the student worker in ULearn. The following class designations will be used in ULearn:
        1. SR220W Program/Plan Process (Student Worker)
        2. SR310W Registration (Student Worker)
        3. SR710W Education Abroad Inquiry (Student Worker)
        4. SR720W Education Abroad Update (Student Worker)
        5. Others, as needed, may be created.
    3. Upon approval by all, PAR grants access.
    4. College/department trains the student worker on tasks/pages as required.
  4. When a student’s employment is terminated by the college/department, the supervisor submits the Change of Employment Status form to PAR, who will remove the access roles from the student.  
  5. If the student is employed by another college/department, repetition of SDI and SDU training is not required, but the ARF process must be followed by the new college/department to re-establish access to all pages in PeopleSoft.  If this includes access beyond Student Data Inquiry and Student Data Update, the new supervisor is expected to train on those pages, even if the student worker may have had that access in a previous assignment.


Please Note

  1. Colleges/departments are instructed to ensure all student workers receive and/or complete FERPA information/training.
  2. Student worker access should be based on the student workers’ X.500, not a departmental account.
  3. Duo access - In order to comply with audit and data security requirements, student workers should be prevented from accessing PeopleSoft outside of work hours. Student workers should access PeopleSoft using a Duo token or using an office phone as a Duo device. Duo tokens should be stored in the office and collected at the end of each work day. Student workers should not set up a personal device such as a smart phone as a Duo device.
  4. Colleges/departments will train only on the PeopleSoft pages/areas they want the student to be accessing/updating.
  5. While a student worker will have access to areas in the system s/he may not have been trained on, they will be accessing PeopleSoft using their own ID, and any changes they make are tracked on audit pages (exception: permission numbers).
  6. If a student worker becomes a full-time staff person and requires student records PeopleSoft access, the Student Data Inquiry and Student Data Update/Add-on online training courses do NOT need to be repeated.  For any other access they may have been granted, they are required to take the PeopleSoft training as provided by the ASR Training and Support Team to obtain access.  New ARFs requesting access must be completed for all access.
  7. Student workers are welcome to attend scheduled PeopleSoft training classes, based on supervisor approval and as their schedule permits.
  8. Student workers in the following areas will submit a different ARF attachment; instructions will be supplied to supervisors in these areas:
    1. One Stop
    2. OTR
    3. Student Scan
    4. Education Abroad
  9. ARF Attachment:

Last updated April 2016


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